Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs

About ULabs

U(biquitous) Labs is an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, and inventors who work together to provide technology and knowledge resources to the Lubbock community.ULabs provides the space and encouragement for big ideas to become reality. At ULabs, we are excited about teaching, learning, and creating. Come make, hack, and create with us!

Who Are We?

ULabs Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2014 by Leen Borno to provide local students with access to technology tools and to hands-on training to use them properly, making ULabs a place for them to hang out, have fun, and learn. After Borno learned more about the greater Maker Movement, she realized that the goals she had for ULabs aligned with the maker style of innovation through design and general tinkering.

ULabs helps local youth to understand the importance of innovation while giving them a chance to succeed in an encouraging environment. Since its founding, ULabs has grown into a community workspace where people of all ages bring their ideas to life through workshops and active use of tools.

What Do We Do?

ULabs is uniquely qualified to provide services for a range of people—from school-age children to adults, from students to entrepreneurs. We believe that anyone can make, hack, or create. ULabs provides the Lubbock community access to major innovation tools including a laser cutter, 3D printers, a plasma cutter, a mill and lathe, a wood lathe, CNC machine, router table, table saw, UV laser 3D printer, and a jewelry lab. We offer hands-on classes and workshops to teach the skills necessary to operate all of the tools in our Makerspace.


Our mission is to provide a collaborative space in Lubbock where anyone can come to tinker, discover, create, invent, and learn. At ULabs, you can access major equipment and the space to bring ideas to life with our tools. If you are not an expert, no problem. ULabs provides instructional workshops for all of our equipment.


We provide a space to meet other makers—those who are always curious, always excited to learn, to hack, or to create the next big thing. ULabs is a community of your peers who share your interests.


ULabs values learning, creativity, and opportunity for everyone who comes through the door. We want to spread the joy of innovation to the Lubbock community, especially to our local youth.

How Ulabs started

Ulabs was founded 2014 by Leen Borno. The story of Ulabs started because there was no entertainment place in Lubbock for teenagers or students, Leen started thinking about having a place for her kids and their friends to hang out other than in parking lots. Furthermore, Mrs. Borno found that most of the school students in Lubbock had no access to technology tools, unlike some wealthy people in Lubbock. Therefore, Mrs. Borno thought it would be a good idea to have a space had different tools and machines available for students. In this way, young people would gain access to technology tools and experience hands-on learning.

Mrs. Borno is a jewelry designer, and she already had many machines and tools that could provide a good start for this kind of organization. She started investing in a space that had machines and tools with a huge collaboration with a good number of volunteers and kids. She thought it might be a place for them and other kids to learn, tinker, innovate and create through different activities.The name chosen for the organization needed to be a neutral, global name and one that teaches some a new word. Therefore, “Ubiquitous labs” abbreviated as “Ulabs.”