Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs


who we are

U(biquitous) Labs a 501c3 Non-Profit is the first community MakerSpace born in Lubbock, made by Lubbockites. We are a collaborative group of friends in the Lubbock community that have been interested in the New, NOW, and Next Big things in technology and inventions…

we want to learn how things are made, what makes us MAKERS

we want to understand how things work, that makes us HACKERS,

and we want to invent things, that makes us CREATORS…

What is a MakerSpace? A place where you can share equipment, take classes involving everything imaginable like 3D printing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, coding,programming, space rentals, as well as mentoring programs, networking relationships, and business entrepreneurship experiences to incubate your business in our co-working space.


As home-makers, jewelers, artisans, visionaries we found outstanding teachers in each of us. We use deep research and innovative tools combined with best practices to help guide each other and you. You are full of ideas, have dreamed of projects and of making prototypes. You have tried to turned these into reality be it in your attic or in your garage…and brought it into the world!

We provide a space where you can meet a “maker” like yourself…always curious always excited to learn or “hack”, in order to “create” the next big thing…we have a community of your peers and interests…We created a community for like minded individuals and hope to reach the both young and old to her nurture their ideas and bring them to reality. Reaching out to all socioeconomic statuses, enlightening those who have never been able to reach such technology or innovation


We believe that as the Hub of West Texas, our region harbors the talent to chart the future. We are excited about uncovering the best of Lubbocks Makers, Hackers, Creators. We hope that you are too! 

How Ulabs started

Ulabs was founded 2014 by Leen Borno. The story of Ulabs started because there was no entertainment place in Lubbock for teenagers or students, Leen started thinking about having a place for her kids and their friends to hang out other than in parking lots. Furthermore, Mrs. Borno found that most of the school students in Lubbock had no access to technology tools, unlike some wealthy people in Lubbock. Therefore, Mrs. Borno thought it would be a good idea to have a space had different tools and machines available for students. In this way, young people would gain access to technology tools and experience hands-on learning. Mrs. Borno is a jewelry designer, and she already had many machines and tools that could provide a good start for this kind of organization. She started investing in a space that had machines and tools with a huge collaboration with a good number of volunteers and kids. She thought it might be a place for them and other kids to learn, tinker, innovate and create through different activities.The name chosen for the organization needed to be a neutral, global name and one that teaches some a new word. Therefore, “Ubiquitous labs” abbreviated as “Ulabs.”