Ulabs CreatorSpace depends on membership fees to support operations. Members have access to the space to work on their projects with the shared tools in the space.
Membership is designed to support a community of makers working in the space on an ongoing basis that fosters socialization and mutual collaboration, discovery, education, creation and problem solving for members and the general public.
Memberships are on a monthly basis, with no contracts, and are based on a “hobbyist” level of involvement. If you are looking for a place to tinker or help get your prototype off the ground, you’ve found the right place!
If you’re looking for a production facility, we can help you contact the right resources that fit that model.
Current membership levels are:
$100 / mth “Supporting Member” includes a “Family” membership, and additional support for the space and subsidy of the free membership program.
$75 / mth “Family Membership” includes members of a household
$50 / mth “Individual Membership”
$25 / mth “Student Membership” requires current enrollment.
“Free” a limited number of low-income memberships are available.
Do I have to be a member to attend events?
No! We’d love to have you stop by our open houses, attend free public events and classes, or schedule a tour for your group. Join our Meetup to see when events are happening.
To become a member:
Attend one of our open meetings every Wednesday at 6pm. Bring your completed Membership form and Waiver, or fill them out at the meeting. We’ll get you a tour of the space, cover safety topics, and get you access.


Do you have a skill, interest or idea to turn into a class or workshop? We are looking for you!

Part of our ULabs maker space’s mission is to build creative spaces for lifelong learners to innovate technical solutions to societal challenges, develop the arts for local and global markets, and to promote design education and STEAM recruitment.

We welcome all ideas, but we do reserve the right to pass on hosting a class, workshop, or seminar at our discretion. We suggest steering clear of politics and religion.



Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community and it can have many benefits for you too.
ULabs is a great place to Learn and develop new skills, to be part of your community, to create motivation and sense of achievement, to boost your career option, to develop new interests and hobbies, to try new experience, to meeting a diverse range of people, and to send a signal to your employer, teachers, friends and family.