Events & Projects

Over the years ULabs has created awesome events and collaborated on several projects with several people and companies across the West Texas region.


North Ridge School STEM night project

2018 February 10, Ulabs participated in STEM night project at North Ridge school by providing jewelry making a demonstration, 3D printing demonstration, raspberry pi activities, and other Makerpsace activities. Ulabs served 250 students during one day even.


Ulabs collaboration with Science Spectrum & College of Engineering Faire

2017 December 5, Ulabs participated in Texas Tech Engineering fair at the Science spectrum through 3D printing demonstration; build bot activities, and other similar activities. Ulabs served around 200 people during this event.


Bean Elementary school 3D printing Summer camp

2017 June 5-15, for two weeks, Ulabs hosted 40 students for 3D printing workshop for two weeks. The student learned 3D printing designs, printing objects, 3D printing troubleshooting, 3D scanning, molding workshop, and other hands-on workshops.


Lubbock Youth entrepreneur academy

2017 May 20, We mentored youth with their business ideas and helped them start up using 3D printers And displayed their inventions and businesses models at the South Plains Mall.

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Lubbock Art Alliance Event

2017 April 22-23, Ulabs participated in Lubbock Art Alliance event by providing 3D printing demonstration, build bot activities, painting table, and other Makerspace activities. Ulabs served around 500 people during three days event.


Boys Scouts 3D printing Workshop

2017 March 25, Ulabs hosted 20 boys’ scouts for 3D printing workshop for one full day. The student learned 3D printing designs, printing objects, and 3D printing troubleshooting.


GGDS Fashion Show

2016 December 2, Ulabs launchs a yearly event showcasing everything ULabs Members produce.From Jewelry, Fashion, Music and Art the proceeds of which go to thriving artists and spreading the word about Ulabs.


Amplify Hope foundation event by Lubbock High School Students

2016 September 17, Around 95 students gathered and raised the money for the musical event and selling T-shirts and we help them design and invite the people and set up communication channels.

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Grand Opening Ulabs Makerspace

2016 September 17, Ulabs had full Makerspace tools demonstration which is laser cutting, plasma cutting, welding, mill&lathe, 3D printing, jewelry making, and other activities. Ulabs hosted around 400 people during a day event.


Inventor Faire

2016 June 17-23, people from the public came out and enjoyed a variety of events showcasing the best of the new maker high tech equipment.


Teachers Innovation Workshop with Mackenzie school

2016 August 20-21, Ulabs hosted 75 teachers from an elementary school in Lubbock for a one-day hands-on workshop in the hope that the teachers would share the experience with their students.

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Mothers Untitled Event

2016 May 21, A painting event fundraiser was done to attract the youth and their moms. The focus was on college students that did not have their families here and the moms that had their kids out in college. It was an event to unite all and draw art together. Around 100 people came, and they were prizes that were giving out like gift cards to the movies and different restaurants around town.


Mural competition

2016 April 23, Ulabs hosted ten teams of artists who were competing to draw a mural that would be hung up at Ulabs in recognition of the artists.The youth came from Lubbock high school and friendship high school and Cooper high school and Texas Tech University. Around 70 people ages are ranging between 15 to 25.



2016 February 6, A group of volunbteers helped build the big X for the event that took place in Lubbock Texas


Blanka Event at Ulabs

2015 November 14, A group of 100 artists and four different music bands gathered and displayed their art and play their music and attracted 1500 people from around the Lubbock area.

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Barnes & Nobel and Ulabs Maker Faire

2015 November 7, Ulabs organizes the Barnes and Noble maker faire every year for the past three years. Ulabs serves around 250 people during the fair through providing a live demonstration of 3D printing and other technology tools


Innovation Competition Mentor

2015 July 10, Ulabs was a mentor for a group of TTU students that won first place for their Innovative project.First place prize was presented by the Dalai Lama.