What Kind of Maker are you?

Whether you spend your time with oil paints, hammers and nails, or coding, ULabs MakerSpace offers the perfect workspace and tools to bring your most revolutionary ideas to life. Become a member, teach classes, take classes and perfect your craft!


I am artistic and love to articulate the way I feel and display everything I make!

  •     Paint
  •     Sculpt
  •     Weld
  •     Draw
  •     Cast
  •     Carve
  •     Sketch
  •     Photograph
  •     Mold


I am very detail oriented. Solving problems is what makes what I do fun!

  •     Polish
  •     Trim
  •     Metalworking
  •     Carve
  •     Carpentry
  •     Accuracy
  •     Precision
  •     Woodworking
  •     Cut


I spend my spare time enjoying everything electronic and programming!

  •     Website
  •     Amerage
  •     Wiring
  •     Coding
  •     Soldering
  •     Voltage
  •     Electronics


I am particularly mechanically minded and interested in how things work!

  •     Complex
  •     Disassembly
  •     Fix
  •     Trial/Error
  •     Assembly
  •     Mechanisms